To know me is to love me !
HI I'm Danaly Guity! (you gotta love my last name)
EST: In Brooklyn New York I love calling the BIG NYC my home
I figured since I'm so AWESOME (haha) I should share my thoughts and loves with the WORLD!! I LIVE and BREATH 4 MUSIC
And I have a HUGE PASSION 4 FASHION ! I LOVE THE RANDOMNESS OF BLOGS (besides keeping a journal) I wanted to have a place where I could let people into my mind and unwind and BE REAL.Consider this a "DAY AND LIFE OF MUAH" Starring ME DANALY
Well that's all I can say for now
  • Nothing like Sun Screaming Children and Smiles #PlayGround #QualityTime #AuntyTime (at Fort Greene Park Playground)

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      I hate children.
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